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multi-fandom and interest icons
♥♥SNAP! icons♥♥
our icons are as schizophrenic as our personalities. we inhabit so many corners of our culture, so our icons cover a diverse range of interests from harry potter and garden state to nancy sinatra to w.h. auden and sarah dessen. many posts in this community are visable to members only-- one benefit of becoming a member. comment or click the link on this page to be added as a member or affiliate. members will receive posting capabilities and are encouraged to post their own icon creations!

♥♥SNAP! etcetera♥♥
1. requests are welcome, but may not necessarily be answered.
2. heatherbird is the community maintainer. heatherbird's icon making resources are listed here
3. membership may be moderated.

♥♥SNAP! rules for posting♥♥
1. use a cut with more than 3 icons
2. post any image and lyric sources if known

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